What is Spirituality?

Are our spirits independent from our minds, our hearts or our bodies?

What does it mean to be spiritual in a scientific world?

Spiritual Vacuum

Everyone is busy in their day to day lifestyles: spending time at work or studying, enjoying our favourite pastimes and that precious time with loved ones. After a jam-packed and seemingly complete schedule, is there a complete sense of fulfilment at the end of the day? Most people are unable to dismiss a niggling sense that something significant is missing.

Society is consciously attempting to address this inner void and revive the spirit to its full consciousness. To fill this discrepancy more people are trying to become more aware of their inner-state. People are trialling various forms of meditation and relaxation, detoxing the mind, body and soul, age-old and new-age philosophies. All in an effort to engage with the spirit that we have disconnected from. Each of these are attempts to bringing equilibrium within and addressing the pressures of the modern world. Despite all of this, many feel bereft of answers about the reality of the mind and spirit.


Science and the Spirit

Today, with the advancement of science, most people will have conviction solely in what can be logical and proven. As a result, spirituality and religion are dismissed as beliefs based around superstition and ill-education. Spirituality (Tasawwuf) has been considered ‘metaphysical’ or ‘mystical’ perceptions of the self and the world that is not firmly within the laws of nature or even our physical realities.

This misconception about Spirituality can conclusively be demystified due to scientific progression in the last century.

Concepts about the nature of light and matter that were introduced over 1400 years ago in Divine Scripture (Qur’an) and Prophetic Statements (Hadith) are corroborated by recent scientific understandings. Cutting edge technology is beginning to verify the properties of light and subatomic particles that have been alluded to by masters of spirituality for centuries. These Holy resources include descriptions of the power, nature and ability of the Spirit’s Light (Nur), and today scientific research on the behaviour of light confirm this. In this way, spiritual understanding and scientific understanding together allow us to comprehend not only the world around us, but also our true nature. Both scientists and spiritual seekers by their very definition share in this desire to discover the truth.

It is in the above context that Hijaz Community invites you to ponder and explore: What is Spirituality?
‘What is Spirituality?’ is a free two-day event comprising of speeches, workshops and worship focusing on developing an understanding of the true nature of man.